Law Enforcement Education Information

Law Enforcement Education: Essential Information

When pursuing a career in law enforcement, you want to make sure and choose the right path for you.

Community colleges and technical schools (online and brick and mortar) offer approved Associate’s degree programs in various law enforcement fields. Many law enforcement jobs require applicants to have completed 1-2 years of college coursework; therefore, an Associate’s degree program is a great starting point for those who seek entry-level careers. Four-year Bachelor’s programs in Criminal Justice usually include more intensive coursework than Associate’s programs. Criminal Justice Master’s programs usually have a strong emphasis on research.

Law enforcement agencies often have their own training academies, such as a police academy, for new recruits. Training academies can last somewhere between 12-14 weeks and will offer candidates worthwhile training/guidance on topics that range from firearm use, and emergency response, to patrolling.

General Overview of Programs and Requirements:

  • Prerequisites: High school diploma or GED; Bachelor’s degree for entry into Master’s programs
  • Program Fields: Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
  • Program Length: Associate’s: 2 years; Bachelor’s: 4 years; Master’s: 2 years (post Bachelor’s).
  • Program Levels in Law Enforcement: Associate’s degree; Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree

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