Associate of Science in Law Enforcement

An Associate of Science degree program in Law Enforcement is designed to properly prepare each student for an entry-level career in the criminal justice field. Students will develop effective skills regarding interviews and interrogations, administrative procedures, evidence handling and processing, crime scene investigation, and much more. Students will also learn about the details of crime problems within the United States, the basic sources of crime, and the ways the justice system works.

Criminal investigation is a complex process. All law enforcement professionals are provided the standard (through education and training) to maintain a thorough understanding of the law, federal and state statutes, the Constitution, and court decisions that apply to the performance of their duties. The Associate of Science degree program in law enforcement provides students with a primary and fundamental understanding of law enforcement.

The length of an Associate of Science degree program can last from between one to two years. Make sure that you read carefully about the program details for any school you are looking into; and that you consider how much time is spent online and performing class requirements in person.

An Associate of Science degree provides a great start to a student who is passionate about working in law enforcement.

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