Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law Enforcement Administration

Some schools offer a BA in Law Enforcement Administration.

This program provides policies/guidelines for policing communities, protecting individual rights, and maintaining social order. Additional opportunities include learning about racial/cultural diversity and criminal behavior. Some programs will delve into the ethical responsibilities of law enforcement agencies, details about law enforcement leadership, and fiscal administration.

A subdivision of this degree is the Graduate Certificate in Law Enforcement Administration that can adequately prepare a law enforcement professional through the study of such topics as criminal justice organizations, public administration, and policing and program analysis. Look into schools that offer this program.

Another option is to enroll in a Bachelor in Law Enforcement, Policing & Investigation program. This is another way to establish a career in the law enforcement industry within the U.S. This degree can help position you toward viable job opportunities in the field of law enforcement.

Make sure to read up on program details and find the program that best fits your lifestyle and your needs.

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